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We are a group of passionate individuals and organisations who share the goal of a socially sustainable Glebe. We are committed to using the Collective Impact model to support our work together. Over time we will build a movement that spans all sectors, while remaining grounded in and by the local community.


Forty people came together in August 2016 to explore whether there would be value in developing a new collaborative initiative. While it was acknowledged that there are individuals, organisations, services, and businesses doing impactful work, it was agreed that more could be achieved by working together. A Leadership Group was subsequently formed.


The Leadership Group has been successful in securing initial funding from the City of Sydney, which is being used to establish the project. This funding is held by Glebe Youth Service


Anna Powell was the original convenor of the project, but has since moved interstate. David Lilley has taken over as the convenor, and will support the project during the establishment and early implementation phases. It is expected that a local organisation will take on the ‘backbone’ role as the project grows. Over time a new entity may be created to coordinate the work.


Our Leadership Group is meeting bi-monthly to direct the work and oversee progress. We are in the process of forming four working groups, covering: ageing; housing; parenthood; and the ‘middle years’. We will be engaging community members from February 2018, to understand their aspirations for themselves, their families, and their community, with an emphasis on the four key life transitions we’ve identified.